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Support the TRUMP Act:  

No Presidency without Tax Returns

What is the TRUMP Act?

As reported in The News & Observer, Jay introduced a bill that helps fix some of the damage done by the 2016 election.  This bill deserves attention and needs popular support. 


Last year, Jay filed the T.R.U.M.P. (Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public Act) that requires candidates for president to release five years of tax returns to the North Carolina State Board of Elections at least 70 days before the election.  These documents would be posted online after redacting personal information.  Any candidate who does not meet this requirement would not appear on the ballot.


He filed the T.R.U.M.P. Act for three reasons. First, every major party presidential candidate for the last 40 years has made his or her tax returns public. Second, such disclosures allow the public to know whether these candidates have conflicts of interest. For example, does Donald Trump have business dealings with Russia? Finally, this bill has a lot of support -- by a majority of North Carolinians and members of both parties, including Republican Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina.


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