Jay Chaudhuri for State Senate
Chaudhuri Announces Gun Control Policy

RALEIGH, N.C. – Democratic State Senate candidate Jay Chaudhuri today announced his plan to reduce and prevent gun violence. Chaudhuri will push for better access to mental health care, expanded background checks and more robust efforts to keep guns out of the hands of criminals in an effort to prevent and reduce gun violence.

“I will take on the NRA to push for stronger gun control laws,” said Chaudhuri. “As State Senator, I will fight to keep guns out of the hands of those who commit domestic violence and those who are on the terrorist watch list.”

Chaudhuri builds on his experience as Special Counsel to Attorney General Roy Cooper, where he designed a nationally-recognized school safety kit, helped put in place new law enforcement training to stop school shootings, and led Cooper’s Campus Safety Task Force.

Chaudhuri’s gun control policy includes five key points:

  1. Maintain background checks for handgun sales;
  2. Require a background check for all gun sales;
  3. Close the terrorist watch list loophole;
  4. Stop domestic abusers from buying guns; and
  5. Provide funding for more school psychologists and counselors.

Chaudhuri’s gun control policy can be viewed here: http://www.jayfornc.com/issues/guns.


Jay Chaudhuri is running in the March 15 Democratic primary election to represent District 16 in the North Carolina State Senate. To learn more, please visit www.JayforNC.com.



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