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Read the #HealingCodeofNature by Clemens Arvay about the healing power of nature and plants — especially trees. Wha…
Today is #InternationalDayoftheGirl ! Read about our work at ⁦@GirlsWhoInvest⁩ to build a Skilled GirlForce in the…
Read #NobelPeacePrize2018 @nadiamurad ‘s book #TheLastGirl. I honor her, the #Yazidi and her message: it is within…
Happy to join students @nyuniversity for @swsnational Smart Women Securities National conference, including @GirlsWhoInvest alum!
Superb #volunteer site on #HurricanceFlorence recovery. Thank you @BaptistsonMission! Watch “Mud Out” video to see…
3 Million People With Nowhere to Go via @NYTimes. “Knowledge does not lead to accountability” #Idlib
Please join me in supporting @NCAIDSAction by attending the 2nd Annual Pig & Swig on Sep 23 at 4 pm! #bbq #cornhole…
In beautiful #WilmingtonNC eating fresh caught vermillion snapper and spiny tail lobster in a 1950s beach cottage.…
@DixPark #Sunflowers. An inspired idea by @CityOfRal to plant 5 acres of sunflowers at Dix Park. #SunFest
#Happy4thofJuly! Folk art from #JohnCCampbellFolkSchool in Brasstown,NC.
155 years ago today, my great,great, great,great grandfather survived Pickett’s charge #Gettysburg in Mississippi 4…
Good #DiversityandInclusion exercise boating in #CentralPark. $15/hour. All walks of life. Families with kids. Wome…
#Happyfathersday2018. A shout out to all those responsible, honest, faithful and loving dads out there. My dad, mom…
Picture evokes #fearlessgirl statue facing down bull on Wall Street. I hope this girl has the statue’s mettle to su…
#WhartonForum in New York City. kick off reception at #oculus at #WTC. First time in this amazing building.…

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Read 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Nadia Murad’s book “The Last Girl”. I honor her, the Yazidi people and her message that it is within our collective power to protect vulnerable people all over the world. Let’s make her the last girl to tell a story of rape as a weapon of war and genocide.
Please join me in supporting NC Aids Action Network at the 2nd Annual Pig & Swig. Fun crowd — see below — and good BBQ on top of a good cause. Sept 23, 4 pm, my house.
In Wilmington, NC eating fresh caught vermillion snapper and spiny tailed lobster in a 50s beach cottage. Happy Labor Day!
Happy Independence Day! Folk art from John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC.
Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful moms out there! Drawing by one of the refugee children in detainment camp in Greece, Summer 2017.
A pretty spring day inspired some soul to pick flowers and make a peace sign at the Memorial to John Lennon in Central Park.
The day after Easter in NYC as experienced by Farley the dog. (FYI - Farley belongs to a friend, not me.) “Wait — what happened to spring?”
Farley is back! This time enjoying a snow day in NYC in red booties.
Weird being in NY for part of March Madness. Not high profile. However, UMBC’s stunning upset over UVA got basketball on the front and back page of the NY Post.
Went to Abyssinian Baptist in Harlem this morning. Walked almost one and a half hours to get there. A gentleman at the door looked at me and said that they don’t accommodate visitors at the 9 am service unless you know someone in the church. I do have a friend there, which is why I went in the first place. I imagine they get frequent tourists. A very small taste of the types of experiences many people have where they are made to feel like an unwelcome outsider. Not a good feeling.
Dogs of Central Park: This is Farley. Farley got tired and he is so cute, no one minds pushing.
For all who may think the faith community in the northeast is not vibrant and strong, I can report otherwise. Have visited several dynamic churches in NYC. Fifth Avenue Presbyterian pictured.
One of the great things about living in Raleigh is you can live in bungalows with great front porches! My house on 230 Grand Ave. near fairground is up for rent - 2 bedroom, 1 bath. Carter Realty 919-821-2115. Thanks for spreading the word.
One of the great things about spending time in New York is the cultural exposure. This photo is of a work by Ai Weiwei entitled “Gilded Cage” that stands at the entrance to Central Park on 5th Avenue. It is a commentary on one of my passions, the global migration crisis. It represents the luxury of 5th Avenue and the privations of confinement — an experiential piece of repressive architecture.
A tribute to Rev. Martin Luther King on MLK Day—Rev. King’s seat on the altar at Dexter Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL. (Mom and I visited Montgomery and Selma in Nov. 2016.) Dexter Baptist is a warm and welcoming congregation to this day.




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