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Attended @CaryChamber Women Biz Lunch to hear Barbara Mulvey of @SheltonLeadersh Center @NCState speak on entrepren…
Updated my will and healthcare power of attorney at @ncsecu (NC State Emoloyee Credit Union), in collaboration with…
@Wharton analysis of congressional tax bill show $1.4 trillion increase in deficit over next 10 years and only smal…
Thank you @PullenChurch @AsburyRaleigh @NeomondeDeli for supporting @Questscope and #Syria refugees. Putting the Last, First.
Regressive: #RDU Parking rates for travelers on private jets R $3/day vs. $6-$18/day for everyday commercial airline travelers. ???
#PRIinPerson Christiana Figueres,leader in #ParisAgreement, challenges money managers 2 invest 1% of invested assets in clean tech by 2020.
#PRIinPerson: So Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) Investments are like Terducken?
#PRIinPerson. Nicholas Moreau of #Deutsche Asset Management: ignoring climate change like being a Turkey before Thanksgiving.
In Germany on Election Day. 👍🏻Congrats to Merkel. 👎🏼"Alt right" AfD party now #3 in German parliament. Said they wo…
Random tip: do not wear metallic clothing through airport security unless you want a very intimate pat down. 😳
Organization I visited in Malta. EU outsourcing border control to Libya means MOAS Shifts Operations to SE Asia
Thousands of refugees have been languishing in an overcrowded camp in Greece for nearly two years - LATimes
RT @leestorrow: Join @NCAIDSAction for Pig & Swig at the home of @JanetCowell on 9/17! #ncpol #endAIDS…
#UNCCH startups deliver economic boost to NC communities. Proud to have invested in many thru NC Innovation Fund.
Time for public spaces 2 reflect #diversity. From Southerner whose Confederate GGGG grandfather survived Pickett's Charge. #Charlottesville

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@Reader’s Corner. Just bought 5 books for $1.50 and got $20 in cash for some I brought in. I love this place.
“Wesley” the French Bulldog was traveling for Thanksgiving in the seat front of me. He is a certified emotional support dog. He certainly made me smile. I’m now following his Instagram — Wesley.the.Frenchie Happy Thanksgiving!
Two things I love in the same photo — coffee and bikes. Photo courtesy of my coffee buddy Demian Dellinger.
Biking on Neuse River Greenway on a fabulous fall day.
Taking a walk tonight and saw this great front door on Anderson Drive all decked out for Halloween.
Thank you to Richard Cook for being the best campaign Treasurer ever (15 years!). Captured here by Rep. Duane Hall enjoying not having that responsibility anymore but still using the corny mug.
Tickets $60. RSVP
Hope you can join us.
For those of you who have kindly followed my volunteer work with refugees over past months, this is a chance to meet some of the people who helped make it happen: Dr. Curt Rhodes, Founder and Executive Director of Questscope, who has worked with youth in the Middle East for over two decades. Mr. Roy Moussalli, a Syrian national who heads Questscope partner operations in Syria. He will join us from Damascus via Skype. Lunch generously sponsored by Neomonde. RSVP to
Moon vine (which only blooms at night) blooming at the full moon.
Germans are not known for eating white, highly-processed bread. That said, this bread looks violent. I had a slice. It did not bite back.
Angela Merkel campaign poster in Berlin. The slogan is "Success for Germany". I made sure the walk signal in the foreground was on green for good luck.
This is the super right, neo-Nazi party placard. He looks like Mr. Rogers in his sweater vest and she looks like she works for a large accounting firm. Who would know?
In Berlin, Germany to participate in UN Principles of Responsible Investment Summit. Today happens to be a national Election Day. Angela Merkel must be feeling pretty comfortable because she doesn't have that many signs up in Berlin. You can see from picture that the referendum on Tegel Airport (whether to keep it open when new airport finished) is somewhat heated (small pasted on signs say "give me the sky back" "yes to Tegel Airport").




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