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#UNCCH startups deliver economic boost to NC communities. Proud to have invested in many thru NC Innovation Fund.
Time for public spaces 2 reflect #diversity. From Southerner whose Confederate GGGG grandfather survived Pickett's Charge. #Charlottesville
Congratulations @GovRaimondo and lawmakers for making community college free in Rhode Island! Proud to have served on @NCCommColleges Board
20 years ago, July '97, moved 2 NC. As native Southerner, wanted 2 advance South. Humbling pursuit. Will keep working w/ new approaches!
@FirstUMC Clinton, KY. My dad was pastor in 70s. Impressed by Heartfelt Connection Ministry @ old Bugg Feed Supply!
@GSGImpact Investing Summit. "Our definition of a unicorn is not a $1 Bil co. but a co. that impacts 1 Bil lives."
EvanWilliams bourbon tour in KY. Guide asked us 'what does bourbon smell like?'. Best answers ever: 1) college; 2) regret; 3) grandma.
Original KFC, Corbin, KY. I remember as a child at church potlucks, if there was a bucket of KFC, I was like "yes!".
Traveled from Raleigh,NC to Greenville,TN in footsteps of President Andrew Johnson. Avoided impeachment by 1 vote.
Congrats to @AnthonyAtala and @WakeForestUniversity Institute for Regenerative Medicine for feature on 3D printing in @TheEconomist.
Congrats to @Carbon and Dr. Joe DeSimone of @UNC Chapel Hill for prominent feature in July 1 @TheEconomist regarding 3D printing!
Welcome Pastor Tom Newman to #AsburyUMC RaleighNC. God bless you, your ministry and the congregation. May we do great things together.
@KaiserFamFound analysis using interactive maps shows Senate healthcare bill is a bad deal for North Carolinians.
My hometown is Memphis, TN and these are my blue suede shoes.
Thank you to teachers and ed administrators @UNC World View who discussed global education with me today. Appreciate your leadership!

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"Now the golden-sandaled dawn peered through the lattice of my window"...Sappho Looking out at Turkey as the sun rises and the moon sets.
Pulling night shift at the camp and this little guy charming us. All the dogs come out at night because cooler and calmer. Lots of kiddos running after them all day.
I thought it was time for beauty and love from Sappho, the famous poet from Lesbos. Images from a mural on the island.
Was talking to a twenty-something year-old German national about white supremacy movement in the U.S. He said the irony is they are millenials who probably ordered their Nazi flags via Amazon with two-day delivery. Outmoded ideas in a global, modern economy.
The Syrians on the boat had left Turkey at midnight. About a 4 hour crossing to Greece. (Most of these boats now get picked up by Turkish authorities since the agreement between the EU and Turkey to stop the flow.) Volunteers provide blankets, water and medical care (if necessary) and notify Greek authorities. The Kurdish Syrians spoke more German than English. Volunteers tell them they have arrived in Greece since, in the dark, one could easily get turned around and land back in Turkey. Because some of the volunteers are Spanish and Portuguese and were speaking their languages amongst themselves, one refugee was like "Are we in Greece?" as if currents had caused them to massively overshoot their destination. The Greek authorities take them to camps. The dog pictured is in a camp. One of the various animals hanging about and making himself at home!
Got woken up at 5:30 am, about 6 hours after arriving, saying a refugee boat on beach. Ran through streets in dark and down to beach. 36 Kurdish Syrians in this small boat. All seemed healthy and in good spirits. Greek police arrived and transported them to camp.
I am headed to Greece and Southern Italy to work with refugees. Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) was one of the first organizations founded to respond to migrant deaths in the Mediterranean. Christopher and Regina Catrambone were frustrated by lack of response to hundreds of drownings in the Mediterranean. They bought a Canadian fishing boat and converted it into a search and rescue boat. Three years later, the team they put together has rescued almost 40,000 people. Their core belief is "no one deserves to die at sea".
I spent ten days with Syrian Refugees in the German Capital.
These photos feature the faces of some of the Syrian refugee children in Jordan living outside of official refugee camps.
I am done with great things and big things, great institutions and big success, and I am for those tiny invisible molecular moral forces that work from individual to individual creeping through the crannies of the world like so many rootlets, or like the capillary oozing of water, yet which, if you give them time, will tend the hardest monuments of men's pride. William James




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